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Helpful Tips and FAQs


Don’t forget to unplug your appliance from its power source before you start any repair work! It’s also a good idea to wear gloves and safety goggles when you’re trying to fix an appliance.

Are dryer sheets okay to use?

Dryer sheets tend to clog lint filters and vents, so – while they’re not unsafe to use – they can do damage to your dryer over time if you don’t wash your lint trap. It’s easy enough; soap and water and a brush every now and then will do the job. Dryer sheets will also leave a film over the electronic moisture sensors, which will keep the sensors from functioning.

Why won't the microwave turntable turn?

If you’re sure you’ve pushed the buttons correctly, the first thing to investigate is whether or not the roller-and-ring apparatus under the glass tray is aligned properly. Also look to see if any food is preventing it from moving. If not, it may be a defective motor or plastic coupler (the part with the grooves that line up with the glass tray). You can’t access the turntable without opening the cabinet, so call Champion Appliance Ltd. in that instance.

What can't I put down my garburator?

Never put anything rubber, metal or glass down your garburator, and throw those bones away in the trash. We would avoid things like potato peels and other fibrous food matter, too – it takes long enough to grind away that it might clog your pipes. Leftover rice and pasta can also be problematic. Some garburators have a secondary blade called an undercutter, which handles fibrous foods more effectively.

Why does the refrigerator rock when I open or close the door?

Examine the leveling legs. If all are in contact with the floor as you open and close the door, maybe your floor can’t properly support the refrigerator. Does the floor flex as you move the door back and forth? If it does, then you don’t have a refrigerator issue – you have a flooring issue.

How can I get foods to bake evenly in my oven?

Using the correct pan size and material helps, as does pre-heating the oven as instructed by the recipe. Also, see that your oven and racks are level, and allow some space between the walls and pans so air can circulate. If you cover your racks with foil, cover only the smallest area necessary, as foil can inhibit air circulation.

What kind of cookware should I use with my radiant smooth glass cook-top?

Use flat-bottomed pans; the heat radiates up through the glass cook-top to the pan. A flat pan will keep the heat transfer level even and at the correct level. Avoid using cast-iron or any material that could scratch the glass surface. Also, don’t use stoneware or copper pans. Stick with stainless steel, titanium, and heavy-weight aluminum pans. Porcelain and enamel pans will work as long as they’re thick. Never allow plastic to sit on the heated surface of your cook-top, or you’ll have to replace the top.

Should I pre-wash my dishes?

Today’s dishwashers are much more effective than their predecessors were. As long as you scrape off the major food bits, load the dishes properly into the dishwasher, and use the appropriate amount of detergent; there’s no need to pre-wash dishes.

Why is my glassware scratched and cloudy looking?

Do you have soft water? Could you have used too much detergent? Both of those circumstances will put tiny scratches on your glassware and make it look cloudy. Try using less detergent.


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